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red fierce baseball suede cap

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299 kr 399 kr

Our red fierce baseball suede cap is handmade with high-quality suede, a very carefully selected fabric. The soft surface, thickness and suppleness make it usable for all kinds of use. It can be both formal and street. It is easy and fast if you are on the go or do not have time to fix your hair.

So please make your purchase of your new cap today and join our community. Together we create change.

✓ The delicious suede surface of high quality
✓ City Caps symbol 3D embroidered on the front
✓ Our iconic symbol in colours on the left panel
✓ Dannebrog's flag on the back unites us
✓ City Caps Brand and Care label inside in satin
✓ Ventilation holes for breathability
✓ Plastic closure that can be adjustable to your head